Consolidated Billing

BMA’s consolidated billing provides a central reference point for easily managing accountability for a designated group benefit plan. BMA can also coordinate and facilitate additions, terminations, changes and any adjustments to an employer’s plan. BMA utilizes innovative claims processing technology to provide a single consolidated monthly invoice, that is inclusive of coverage details and carrier information, all in a single bill.

Consolidated Billing Process

  1. We work with your client’s carriers to have them accept our claims system as the “eligibility system of record” (the true record).
  2. The client sends us the eligibility file and we load it into our claims system.
  3. We send out eligibility on to all of the various carriers.
  4. Each carrier updates their system with our source file.
  5. We send the client a consolidated bill each month and then pay each carrier.
  6. We then send a report back to your client detailing all coverages for their employees and the payments made for each