Online Enrollment

The BMA online enrollment solution provides companies a streamlined management tool for open enrollment and enrollment changes, including new hires and qualifying events. Our online enrollment tool gives plan members and HR representatives the ability to enroll online in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment. BMA’s online enrollment tool dramatically reduces the amount of paperwork and administrative hassles while making the process quicker and more manageable. Employees can make informed benefit decisions effectively and efficiently while reviewing the details of their health plans, comparing different plans and enrolling using our quick online process.

Key Features

  • View Benefit Elections
  • Select Plan Options
  • Pre-Tax & Post-Tax Deductions
  • Premium Calculations
  • Open Enrollment
  • New Hire Enrollment
  • Qualifying Events
  • Enrollment & Covered Persons History
  • System of Record
  • Enrollment Reporting
  • Enrollment Export Files
  • Carrier Integration