Dental and Vision Plans

These cost-effective benefits bring about big value, both in the short and long term.

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Self-Funded Dental & Vision Plans

A Self-Funded Dental & Vision Plan is a smart solution to the high-cost associated with today’s fully insured dental & vision coverage. Under a fully-insured program, companies typically throw away thousands of dollars in premiums every year for dental & vision benefits that are rarely utilized by their plan members. 

Self-Funded Dental & Vision Plans give the employer more control over plan design, several customizable options, and an open access network. Employers also experience reduced overhead compared to managing a fully-insured plan. Plan Design features include:

  • Lower premiums
  • Ability to set co-pay plan options
  • Open provider choice
  • Compatibility with Section 125 plans
  • Suitable for employers of all sizes
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Cost-Saving Plans

Typically, dental health services used or received per individual plan holder on an annual basis tend to run low. By implementing a plan that’s right for your company, cost savings from a self-funded dental plan will be visible within the first year.

BMA can help you implement a program that can be easily managed, eliminating the need for lengthy claim forms, a pre-approval process, upset employees, and unused benefits.

Plan Design features:

  • Set co-pay plan options
  • Lower premiums
  • Freedom of dentist choice
  • Reduced overhead
  • Works with FSAs*
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How We Can Help with Your Self-Funded Dental Plan

BMA can help you implement a program that can be easily managed; it eliminates the need for lengthy claim forms, a pre-approval process, upset employees and unused benefits.

  • Plan Design & Employer Consultation
  • On Site Open Enrollment/Education Meetings with Employees – Enrollment meetings at main location included*
  • Web Based Online Enrollment through the BMA web application available
  • Participant Paper Enrollment Entry by BMA
  • Customized Plan Document and Summary Plan Description
  • 24/7 Internet/Web Access to Account Information
  • Claims Submission via Email, Fax, or USPS mail
  • Expert Assistance from our Customer Service Team
  • Manual Claims Adjudication Check Issuance Weekly
  • Amendments to Plan Document, as needed based on changes to the law

Employers' Top 5 Advantages of Self-funding Dental Benefits:

Dental care is underrated, but studies show that regular dental visits enable early detection of serious medical conditions.

Employers can offer valuable dental benefits without large premium losses. By self-funding dental benefits, employers can achieve cost savings and other benefits that can spur utilization of the plan. 

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