Level Funding (Bridge Product)

BMA offers the ultimate product for employers seeking a simple way to move from a fully insured group health plan to the benefits of a traditional self-funded medical expense benefit plan.

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Why a Level-funded Plan?

Level funding, also known as "The Bridge Product," is the ideal solution for employers who would like to transition to a self-funded program. Self-funded medical expense benefit plans provide stability while offering flexibility in developing cost saving benefit plan designs.

This product provides insurance coverage to cover the unexpected catastrophic claims incurred in a self-funded plan. Unlike traditional stop loss programs, Integrated Stop Loss Insurance is designed to give employers the benefits of traditional self-funding, while enjoying the ease, look and feel of a fully insured group health plan.

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Key Advantages

  • ERISA plan allows flexibility with benefit plan design and no state-mandated benefits
  • Employer writes one monthly check (based on plan enrollment)
  • No additional claim funding requirements
  • One Maximum Retention (spread over 12 payments)
  • Designed specifically for employers with 15-200 employees currently covered
  • Lower maximum plan cost (as compared to traditional stop loss)
  • Underwritten by A and above rated carriers

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