BMA’s online enrollment streamlines management of benefit changes, adding new hires, and annual open enrollment activities.

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Easy Enrollment Seasons

To fuel maximum plan enrollment, Benefit Management Administrators' Enrollment Services team educates HR and employees on plan options and helps with employees’ enrollments each year.

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Online Enrollment

BMA’s online enrollment solution enables Plan Members and Employers to enroll online in our secure, HIPAA-compliant environment.

Enrollees have personalized benefit options and online workflows, designed to help them make informed benefit decisions quickly and efficiently. Employers also have paperless ways to manage new enrollments and enrollment changes at their convenience.

BMA online enrollment dramatically reduces the amount of paperwork and administrative hassles while streamlining the enrollment process for all parties.

Key Features

  • Open Enrollment
  • New Hire Enrollment
  • Qualifying Event Changes
  • Select Plan Options
  • Premium Calculations
  • Pre-Tax & Post-Tax Deductions
  • Enrollment Reporting
  • Enrollment & Covered Persons History
  • Enrollment Export Files
  • View Benefit Elections