What we have to offer.

Self-Funded Medical

We offer self-funded plan options that put the control of Employee Benefits back in the hands of the employer. Clients pay only for what they use, they have access to utilization reports, at no risk.

Our services include: Specific, Aggregate & Integrated Stop Loss, Dedicated Account Manager, 24/7 Online Report Access, Online Enrollment Services and Eligibility Management, and Disease Management Interface.


Self-Funded Dental

Dental plans by BMA allow the employer to have more control over plan design with several customizable options for an in-network program with an open access feel.

The benefits include: Set co-pay plan options, Lower premiums,Freedom of dentist choice,Multiple networks available,Reduced overhead,Cost savings visible in first year, and Works with Section 125 plans.


BMA provides complete COBRA/HIPAA administration for the client as well as excellent customer service for all participants. Online access to the BMA web systems is available 24/7 allowing clients to submit new employees, process terminations, and run reports.There is online access to account information and reports. COBRA Services Include: Initial Rights Notices, COBRA Election Notices,  COBRA Takeover Notices, and 24/7 Online Report Access.


A FSA is a tax-advanced financial account, set up through a cafeteria plan. This allows employees to contribute a certain amount of pre-taxed earnings to the account and apply it to certain expenses. BMA provides full Cafeteria Plan Section 125 Administration utilizing a Debit Card. Employees can pay eligible medical, dental, transit, and dependent care expenses with their debit card.
Access to a full range of FSA-eligible items at great prices are available through BMA’s website. Access FSA Store here.

Short-Term Disab.

BMA’s self-funded short-term disability plan includes income protection for employees, fast, claim services, incentives for employees to return to work, and smooth transition to long-term disability.
The benefits of self-funding a short-term disability plan with BMA include:Income protection for employees if they can’t work, Fast and hassle-free claim service, Smooth transitions to long-term disability, and Incentives for employees to return to work.


Bridge Product

BMA offers the ultimate product for employers seeking a simple way to move from a fully insured group health plan to the benefits of a traditional self-funded medical expense benefit plan.
Key Adantages Include: ERISA plan allows flexibility with benefit plan designs and no state-mandated benefits, employer writes one monthly check, no additional claim funding requirements, one maximum retention(spread over 12 payments), designed specifically for employers with 15-200 employees currently covered, and lower maximum plan cost.

Online Enrollment

The BMA online enrollment solution provides companies a streamlined management tool useful for: open and new hire enrollment; plan options; deductions; reporting; export files; and more!



Employees can consult telemedicine doctors via email, telephone and web cam 24/7. Features include appointment-scheduling, personal-health record, lab referrals, RX requests and is HIPAA compliant.



BMA offers the “My Wellness” interface, a web based integrated wellness solution. This is a newsletter available on the website homepage as well as email to employees monthly.This is a cost effective program that delivers results while encourages employees to stop smoking, lose weight. reduce stress, and make other healthy lifestyle changes.


BMA’s prescription drug program gives employees discounts, monitoring and review of utilization, access to pharmacies nationwide, flexible plan design, mail order options, and more.

Mobile App

BMA members now have their own mobile app that fully supports over 250 mobile devices. This allows members to view claims, eligibility, wellness tools, ID cards, RX’s, and is secure.

We have other great services as well including Health Advocacy, Compliance Reporting, Premium Remittance, Consolidated Premium, Cafeteria Plans, etc.

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