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How Reference Based Pricing (RBP) can be the next solution for Employer Based Health Plans. 
With rising cost of healthcare plans, employer groups are looking at new health tactics that provide cost-shifting to their employees.
A successful RBP program requires a comprehensive approach that employers set pricing limits on the maximum amounts they will cover on particular heath care service. The employee can choose the providers at the reference price and pay the difference between the actual price of the service and the employer’s limit. Or go with a provider that will reduce their price to the reference price.
BMA has partnered with leading vendors in technology and reimbursement experience in the healthcare industry.  With over 100 years of aggregate reimbursement experience we have assembled a team of experts to help manage the reference-pricing program from the plan inception to claim resolution.
Together, BMA can offer a proactive RBP plan that is simple, straightforward and saves money!!!
We provide:
Consulting on plan design
Member Education
patient Advocacy
Medical Management
Comprehensive Reference Pricing
Apparel Management
Provision of Member and Provider Liasons
Balance-Bill Negotiation

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