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BMA Announces the Release of its new Health e360 Product

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BMA Announces the Release of its new Health e360 Product

January 23, 2018 – San Antonio, TX – Benefit Management Administrators (BMA), a Third Party Administrator of employee benefits, announces the release of its new Health e360 product.

Health e360 is in response to the trends of rising employee benefit costs and the individual’s cost of their healthcare. Designed to supplement health insurance, Health e360 will make it easier for individuals to manage personal health while also reducing healthcare costs for employers.

Health e360 is a combination of wellness programs that are tied together in a secure, HIPAA-compliant web portal. It gives individuals a single place for accessing telemedicine, health & wellness videos, discounts, and other tools for managing their family’s healthcare. The Health e360 portal can be accessed from one’s computer or mobile device, making it a convenient and highly usable resource.

BMA’s Health e360 product complements an employer’s employee benefits package, because it supplements employee’s insurance plans with services to help individuals manage their health in a cost-effective manner. Health e360 is provided by the employer to their employees, is available to employers of all sizes, and can be purchased regardless of whether an employer has a benefit plan with BMA.

In a time of rising healthcare costs, the Health e360 product will provide individuals cost-effective tools for maintaining health while giving employers a healthier employee base. “By using the telemedicine and preventative care solutions in Health e360, employees will not only be healthier, but also more engaged in the workplace” said James Burkholder, BMA President and CEO. “Healthier employees are less stressed, have fewer absentee days, and are ultimately more productive for the employer. This reflects in both company performance as well as the overall cost of employee benefits.”

About BMA

BMA is a state-licensed Third Party Administrator focused on the management and design of employee benefit plans. For 25+ years from our home in San Antonio, BMA has been working with brokers who serve employer groups across the nation. As a “Full Service” TPA, BMA provides contract administrative services for employer groups in need of Health Plan Administration, COBRA/HIPAA, Cafeteria Plan, Prescription Drug, Self-Funded Medical, Dental, and Vision, Short Term Disability, Stop-Loss Procurement and Consulting Services.


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