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Products to Enhance Your Benefits Offering

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Products to Enhance Your Benefits Offering

Looking for best-in-breed benefit programs? Need a fast solution to an urgent client need? No problem!

From wellness, to telemedicine, to compliance, BMA offers access to key programs plus communication materials for promoting them. These programs are seamlessly integrated into our portal, making them easy to access.

Here’s an overview of the products available to brokers, employers, and members.


When a member or family member gets sick, instead of taking off work and going to the doctor, they can conduct an office visit over the phone or webcam. Within minutes, the member will be diagnosed and receive a prescription if needed. This saves them from having to miss work and making expensive visits to the ER.

Healthcare Advocacy

When a member needs help untangling claims or billing errors, getting a second opinion, transferring medical records, or estimating healthcare costs, members and family members can use their health advocate. The advocate will address these issues on the member’s behalf, saving them time and stress.

Health Coaching & Wellness

Whether it’s completing health risk assessments, accessing wellness workshops, getting personalized help from a health coach, or organizing company-wide wellness competitions, both employers and employees have a full suite of online tools and resources to meet health and wellness objectives.

Health Tips, Videos, and Interactive Tools

Managing personal health is a daily activity. That’s why the web portal updates each day with new health videos, tips, and news that give members practical advice for managing their health. Members also receive monthly wellness newsletters and have 24/7 access to interactive tools for addressing their diagnosis.

HR Compliance Center

As state and federal laws evolve and change, HR needs a place to go to stay up-to-date on compliance issues. Through the online HR compliance center, employers can access attorney-written articles on different compliance topics, off-the-shelf tools for onboarding, and training for personnel management.


These solutions can be rolled out to your entire group of plan members or to certain subsets. In addition, by licensing these through BMA, you’ll receive marketing support to help you sell and promote utilization of these programs.

BMA uses all these programs for our own employee benefits and they greatly enhance our benefits offering.

To try them for yourself or for your plan members, contact us.

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