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Telemedicine’s Role in MEC and Minimum Value Plans

Now that employers have had time to evaluate the benefit plan requirements under PPACA, many have come to a decision as to what level of health benefits they will offer employees. Some employers have decided to pay the higher premiums …

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How to Get 50% Utilization of Telemedicine Benefit

Whether it’s a web portal, wellness program, or telemedicine, utilization is key! Utilization is what determines ROI and measures the success of your program. The third-party wellness and telemedicine programs offered in our web portal are the same programs BMA …

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What BMA Employees Say About Our Online Wellness Programs

BMA sees the value of wellness programs so much that we provide these benefits to our own employees! Here are some personal testimonials from our employees about their experience with these programs: “When I was traveling for work, I got sick …

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Products to Enhance Your Benefits Offering

Looking for best-in-breed benefit programs? Need a fast solution to an urgent client need? No problem! From wellness, to telemedicine, to compliance, BMA offers access to key programs plus communication materials for promoting them. These programs are seamlessly integrated into …

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Level-Funding: Going from Point F (Fully Insured) to Point S (Self-Insured)

Level-Funding offers several strategic advantages for small to mid-size employers. It combines the simplicity of a fully insured plan with the cost savings and flexibility of self-funding. But for groups currently in a fully insured arrangement, the path to self-funded …

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What is Level Funding?

Level Funding (Bridge Product) BMA Offers the ultimate product for employers seeking a simple way to move from a fully insured group health plan to the benefits of a traditional self-funded medical expense benefit plan. Level funding, also known as …

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Self-Funding 101

Self-funding is best known as a funding vehicle for employee benefit plans, especially health coverage. Self-funding is also broadly used for such things as Workers Compensation and Property & Casualty coverage, but the governing laws & focus are so different …

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Risk and Rewards of Self-funding

Self-Funding: Worth the plunge? Understanding the Risk and Rewards of Self-funding To make the decision to switch over to self-funding, you need to understand the basics so that you can then seek out more specific answers for your company in …

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How do MEC and Minimum Value Plans work within the ACA?

How do MEC and Minimum Value Plans work within the ACA? As employers evaluate benefits to offer in light of the ACA, there are several factors to consider, including penalties, value of coverage, and the costs of coverage. This blog …

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