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Hidden Gems – Uncovering all of BMA’s Online Wellness Resources

Posted on by Ashley McCurdy

Hidden Gems – Uncovering all of BMA’s Online Wellness Resources

Hidden Gems – Uncovering all of BMA’s Online Wellness Resources

Some online health and wellness resources are getting all the attention these days. As a result, we wanted to uncover the BMA health resources that you (and your plan members) may not know about. These tools help members take steps toward healthier lifestyles and more cost-effective employee benefit costs for employers. Have you seen these yet?

Daily Health Tips & Videos

Each day, the BMA portal shows fresh health tips and streaming videos that highlight important topics for personal wellness. Whether it’s exercise ideas, healthy recipes, or tips for a balanced lifestyle, members receive practical information for achieving and maintaining better health.

Healthwise Knowledgebase

BMA members have access to an online encyclopedia of healthcare information that is written by board-certified physicians. Whether it’s details about a prescription drug, tips for managing a diagnosis, or interactive tools like the symptom checker, members can research their personal health topics online in our secure web portal.

My Wellness Program

The My Wellness program helps members put health and wellness information into practice. Members can complete a health risk assessment, communicate with a health coach, track their fitness goals, and even participate in company-wide wellness competitions. My Wellness provides an engaging and fun way to adopt healthier lifestyle habits.

MeMD Telemedicine

MeMD makes it convenient to see a doctor when a member gets sick. Within minutes, members can request an appointment, speak to a doctor, and receive a prescription as needed all within the comfort of their home, office, or hotel room. While MeMD provides convenient healthcare, it also helps members stay away from costly urgent care or ER centers.

Health Advocate

The healthcare world can be complicated and labor intensive for members to manage. BMA’s Health Advocate program helps members understand their treatment options, schedule doctor appointments, research eldercare options, transfer medical records, and do other healthcare tasks. Because this service is available to the whole family, members can breathe a sigh of relief that there’s a health advocate to support them and guide them.

These programs are a valuable supplement to employee insurance plans, and they’re conveniently accessible from the BMA portal 24/7. Don’t let these valuable wellness resources pass your members by!

To learn more, see a demo, or get assistance educating your members about these resources, contact us.

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