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The Whats, Whys, and Hows of Self-Funding – Part 2

In our previous blog, we talked about why self-funding has become a highly-valued benefit plan option and what self-funded plans do for employers. Now let’s talk about how self-funding helps employers cut employee benefit costs, manage risk, and mitigate the …

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The Whats, Whys, and Hows of Self-Funding – Part 1

Self-insurance is a wildly successful way to fund employee benefits, yet there is still so much unknown about it. In this two-part blog, we’re going to take you through the whats, whys, and hows of self-funding. You may be surprised …

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Hidden Gems – Uncovering all of BMA’s Online Wellness Resources

Hidden Gems – Uncovering all of BMA’s Online Wellness Resources Some online health and wellness resources are getting all the attention these days. As a result, we wanted to uncover the BMA health resources that you (and your plan members) …

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Self-Funding: Fact vs. Fiction

Self-Funding: Fact vs. Fiction Despite the rapid adoption of self-funded plans, there are still many misconceptions about self-funding. Let’s debunk some of the top myths about self-funding so you can better discern between fact and fiction. Fiction: Self-Funding is only …

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Benefits of Self-Funded Dental

Dental care is underrated, and studies show that regular dental visits enable early detection of serious medical conditions. Employers can offer valuable dental benefits without large premium losses. By self-funding dental benefits, employers can achieve cost savings and other benefits …

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Cutting Healthcare Costs Through Reference-Based Pricing

As healthcare costs continue to rise, pricing transparency is becoming a bigger demand from employers. For years, the actual costs of healthcare have been vague and virtually inaccessible to employers; however, now they’re becoming more available through reference-based pricing. Reference-based …

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